Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Hoops

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Hoops

~ White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings ~

Wake up to the heart within the whole, we are man of those who lost their souls. And if we rise up and greet the dust, the cosmic rays of love will find the greatest treasure within, the leaning on others, the kind of bold. Walking towards each others heart, we need only understand each part. We the family need to learn to listen with our hearts in order we can do our part. And if we look beyond ourselves, we find that we are gifts from above. Heaven on Earth is here to stand, for us to bless and purify all the days. I light this fire to find my way. I say, "I bless the sacred nine directions today", in order that we can learn to play. To have joy in our lives and share all the days, we need only lean towards the wind, where love leads to everything.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rushing River Sacred Rainbow's Sacred Song Blessing

Gather my heart, this day. I open my soul to pray, come into me light this day, open holes to light the way, I am here to solve the waves of eternal destiny.

Come great the sun at night, look out the stars so bright, gift all you say and do, because I love you. Tell souls that we come home. Tell all we are but shorn (cut away, to be free, abundant overflowing). Tell glory it's time to bee, the star of destiny.

Wake up brothers tell me sow, what do I have to grow, I will show you how to light, a fire so bright.  I will lift you up to the clouds, I will lift your hearts so proud. I will be the love you need, come let me carry thee.

Come let me fly with me.  Come let me fly with thee. Come let me hold you tight, come share your heart of plight.  I will shoulder you when you tear. I will help you build without fear.  I will guide you this day, because God knows I pray.

Listen sister to my hands.  I will embrace thee and make a stand.  I will fill glory upon this land, now just take my hand. It's more than than I can believe. It's more than a simple dream.  I will shore to you. I will pray for you. I will come towards the heart wit h a view.

Come a hold my hand this day. come hold us all hooray. come wake up in my arms. I will not let you get harmed.  I will pray for you.  I will pray for you.  I will pray for you.  I will stay for you.

I will be standing tall, making sure you are proud. All my children, walk with me. I come home to set you free!  I'm coming home to set you free!

October 3, 2010 
Holiness David Running Eagle drums and White Buffalo Calf Woman sings

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Angel Visit While on the Phone with Rushing River Sacred Rainbow 
Prayer for the Angel Visitor

Blessings go to you my love, come and feel the righteousness, heal the world, that comes to thee, bless the soul that sets you free, I love you bless you true, come my love, let's bless the blue, aho (spirit fly), my love to you.